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We believe in a holistic approach to advancing the rights and dignity of children. Our programs and services include:

Our Programs:

Bodhivriksha Schools: This is our core educational program. We run community-based schools that provide access to children from economically disadvantaged children, especially those from marginalized castes. We also support government schools to improve their educational standards and services for children from vulnerable communities. Our schools are affiliated to Rajasthan Education Board.

Child-line Alliance: CHILD LINE is India’s first toll-free helpline for street children in distress, which operates in 30 states in India through a network of 415 partnering organizations.We are proud to be a partnering organization for CHILD LINE in the district of Alwar, Rajasthan. We provide a toll-free helpline for children in distress, and are doing child right advocacy.

Environmental education programs: We engage children and local communities to plant indigenous trees, build traditional water harvest structures and lead/plastic collection drives. Earth Day and World Water Days are marked with community-based activities and art projects.

We organize environmental awareness programs and activities, where children play an active role in planting indigenous trees, keeping their environment clean and learning about wildlife conservation as they live in an area surrounding a Tiger reserve.

We celebrate Earth day monthly and it has become our tradition that on 22nd of every month we organize digging of a local pond through Shramdan. We also plant, water and protect the newly planted trees.

INTACH: NirvanavanFoundation is also involved in the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of the region and, in association with INTACH, annually organizes a number of ecological programs each year.

Art programs:Our art projects reaches out to over 1,000 children who draw their expressions for world peace, rights of girls and environmental stewardship.

School-Bus Service: We provide free school-bus service to the girls of local community to help them get to their high-schools in Alwar city.

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