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World Water Day celebration: What do children have to say? Our schools participated in an art project to share the message to conserve water. Here's one important message.
In November, we worked hard to raise awareness on CHILD LINE, a vital toll-free helpline for children in distress, which we operate in Alwar. We are also raising awareness among police and other government authorities to treat vulnerable children with respect and utmost sensitivity. Thank YOU to our tireless team, community members and volunteers.
Nirvanavan Foundation is looking forward to our annual tradition, the Slumboys Cricket Tournamen,' from 7th to 14th November. These tournaments are organized to raise awareness in communities on the CHILDLINE Service, a toll free number for children in distress, threatened or have been abused.
Nirvanavan Foundation community celebrated Van Mahotsava, an annual tree plantation festival. We planted trees and built small check dams to retain rain water. Thank you to our volunteers, teachers and children, who are caring for their communities and Mother Nature in the spirit of Shramdhaan, a day of selfless community service.
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